The Power of Half an Hour Coaching Programme

How are your managers managing?

  • Are they time short, overwhelmed, stressed or disengaged?
  • And are you challenged by trying to find solutions?
  • Do you want them to be more engaged and productive in their work?
  • Do you want them to take responsibility and lead your organisation?

Focused coaching in the ‘Power of half an hour coaching programme’ offers an effective, individually tailored solution to engaging, developing and supporting managers in your organisation.

Having an external coach separate from the organisation allows managers to work in confidence exploring different perspectives and approaches to their work. It empowers them to take responsibility in their roles, work and life and find solutions that work for them individually, and that benefit the organisation.

What are the results from my external coaching programme?

The managers that I have worked with have moved from time short, overwhelmed and stressed to resilient, confident and responsible; responsible for their work, their teams and their lives.

In the managers’ own words…

  •  Allowed me to approach things more boldly and with more confidence in myself
  • coaching helped me focus on what mattered and needed to be done in a focused and rational way
  • I’m making decisions with more confidence now
  • I am more relaxed in my role meaning my team feel more comfortable coming to me with their issues and support needs
The University had recently been through a major restructure, during which many professional services staff underwent changes of role or responsibility. We are aware of the need to support career and personal development of our valuable professional services staff and wanted to try different ways of doing this – bearing in mind especially that many of these staff are time poor….

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Prof Ellie Highwood

Dean for Diversity and Inclusion, University of Reading

How does The Power of Half an Hour Coaching Programme Pilot work?

I run a three month one to one coaching pilot with your managers.

Initially there will be a ‘How do we want our managers to manage?’ session with you, the organisation’s leaders, to agree the programme’s outcomes and success criteria for the managers.

Prior to the coaching a ‘What is coaching, and why do I want it?’ presentation is delivered for targeted staff.

The volunteer managers then have some pre coaching work and ½ an hour one to one coaching once a month, focusing on the outcomes set with you.

After 3 months we review progress to ensure we have the right strategy for your managers, and your organisation, from which point we continue to the full six month programme.

This pilot assumes, and is intended for, organisations that have a vision, and values are in place. You are developing a clear idea of what behaviours you are expecting your ‘engaged’ managers to be demonstrating and aspiring to.

The average cost of the pilot programme excluding additional consultancy around vision and values is £4,000.

Case Study: University of Reading Employee Engagement

The Dean of Diversity and HR commissioned me to produce and implement a pilot coaching programme for their Executive Administration Managers.

The purpose was to test the viability of external coaching, providing support from outside the employee report structure, to engage the managers in their roles following a restructure.

The result was that the managers were more engaged and positive about their work, personal development and the organisation.

The University of Reading has commissioned further coaching for managerial staff.

For further details and a copy of the executive summary of the case study please get in touch by completing the contact form or call me on 0797 6671827

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