Who is Julie Genney Coaching ?


Hi I am Julie, resident in leafy East Reading with my teenage son and husband.


I have been life coaching since 2012 when I had a lightbulb moment whilst training in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). I realised they were great tools and techniques to apply to my own life and when I did life looked quite different...easier, manageable and fun; I loved life!


Since then I have been using my coaching skills to empower, engage and support people to make changes that they want in their lives.



My past clients have been varied. They all have one common feature... they knew they weren’t living the lives they wanted, they wanted change and were just not sure how to get it.


I love being part of their change journey, watching them with pride as they become more self aware and getting the results they want. Why not read their own words about my coaching in testimonials ?


Away from my working life I love spending time with family and friends travelling the countryside of the UK or further afield. I love being outdoors, walking, cycling and swimming and so I make time every week to make sure I get out, even if it’s walking to a client’s location.


And for those who need to know my work background...catering, banking, education, waiting, managing, training, consulting, administering are all in my past.


As a coach I’m more interested in now, and where YOU want to be...

Interested in what coaching can do for you?


Call me on 07976 671827 to talk about how I can support you.

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