Eleanor Hayes                           Director & Founder of Birthzang 

From a random conversation with Julie at a social gathering she turned my life upside down. Just a tiny suggestion to look at what I wanted to acheive in my life led me within 6 months to doing some training and setting up the pregnancy yoga classes that I had only dreamed of doing. 


We worked closely over a period of 9 months and dissected many different parts of my life: my work, my family, my health and my self. In the process my relationship with my husband and family improved immeasurably, my health has improved, my business has literally exploded with success and I am happy. REALLY HAPPY! And the days when I am not, really happy I now have the tools to figure out exactly what is going on and what I need to do to get back to HAPPY fast.


Julie is an amazing coach. She has never told me what I want to hear (or what she thinks I want to hear) but help me get to the truth of the matter and break down the barriers I have (unconsciously) set up in order to move forwards in my life.


So, to use a phrase I often hear from Julie, what is stopping you working with her? I can certainly give my highest recommendation and know that anyone who works with her is going to get amazing results.


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