Mr P Operations Manager

My first contact with Julie came at a time of great personal difficulty, my work was going in no direction.  Home life was hectic and disorganised as I have a wife who works full time and a 5 year old son just starting school.


Working with Julie I found I was able to be open and honest about the difficulties I was having and the coaching was very catered towards understanding what was actually happening, from a point of view I could never see as I was "right in the middle of it". 

It is fair to say that coaching is very much what you want it to be and Julie did not try and serve up a prescribed course of sessions in order to achieve the coaching she thought I would need. Ultimately that is the key as no coach can do it for you!


The best way to describe the coaching that I received from Julie was that it was an "Oasis in my week" in which to stop and consider where I am going and more importantly WHERE I WANT to go, when I was able to see that and articulate that, Julie just added fuel to my re-found enthusiasm and vigour for the next stage, in my week, work and indeed personal life.


Mr P, Operations Manager


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