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The Power of 1/2 an Hour Coaching Programme Testimonial

The University had recently been through a major restructure, during which many professional services staff underwent changes of role or responsibility. We are aware of the need to support career and personal development of our valuable professional services staff and wanted to try different ways of doing this – bearing in mind especially that many of these staff are time poor.


We liked the format of shorter sessions allowing staff to commit more easily and therefore make best use of the opportunity, as well as allowing us to offer it to more staff.


Our staff have benefited personally, and this has had a positive effect on their work, both directly, and in terms of morale.


Having been through a big restructure, an external coach was valuable in being separate from all of that, able to provide a different perspective with no hidden agenda related to the organisation.


Prof Ellie Highwood, Dean for Diversity and Inclusion, University of Reading

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