Welcome to Julie Genney Coaching

Welcome to Julie Genney Coaching where I am committed to providing coaching that engages, develops and enriches your work and life.

I am an engagement coach who works with organisations and individuals to support them in engaging more with their work and their lives.

I work with organisations who want their managers to lead and are prepared to invest in them to make them more productive. One to one coaching their managers to engage, support and develop them to be responsible for their work, their teams and their lives.

I work with individual clients who are committed to themselves and their change. One to one coaching people juggling the competing demands of work, rest and play, and who want to live, and love their lives.

Life coaching with Julie has been a truly inspirational and life changing experience for me.

I have gained a whole new perspective, along with some of the many tools and stategies and also the confidence to influence the outcomes of the things that are important to me….

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Dawn Turner

University of Reading

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