#Question How do you choose a coach?

Really you need to ask? Ask questions! 

Seriously our future clients could definitely ask us more questions about how we work with our clients and more importantly, how we are going to work with them.

Having a structured approach is a great start. So here are some suggestions…

Ask about the approach and techniques they use? What models, if any do they use? 

The GROW model is probably the most popular and well-known. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GROW_model I use NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neuro-linguistic_programming as the basis of my coaching and have an initial approach I follow, and then it’s led by my clients and what they individually want to achieve from their coaching journey. 

What sort of clients do they most like working with, what’s their typical client? 

A great coach will have created a niche in a specific area. And when they start talking about the clients they’ve loved working with you’ll know from the way they speak about it. When I started most of my clients were professional working parents, as I wanted to support clients who were struggling with ‘the juggle’ of work, family and their own needs. Over time, similar clients, and who want to live a life they live where they understand and are getting what they want and need from their work. Being ‘on purpose’.

Ask them whether they have a coach and/or a supervisor?

Again great coaches are aware that they too are learning and growing themselves with their clients. Clients often present themselves as mirrors for coaches to examine themselves. They need somewhere to explore their own issues and be held to account for themselves. 

Do you connect with them? 

This is really important, and only you will know this trusting your coach as someone who will hold the space safe for you and will challenge you and ask awkward or uncomfortable questions. When I think of how I chose my business coach and supervisor it’s because I described them as prodding and poking me where I know I need to be challenged and I was prepared to accept it. It’s good for me and it’s good for my clients. I trusted and respected them and knew they had my best interests at heart.

And which of these is more important will depend on you, your values, your beliefs and your experiences. And I’m sure this will result in you thinking of some more… 

Please ask us even more questions, we’ll probably love it 😍 Have fun finding your ‘perfect’ coach.

Contact me to ask even more questions for your coaching journey at hello@juliegenney.co.uk or call on 0797 6671 827