💚Happy Valentines Day💚

Love is the Answer….

Seriously it is, when you throw a bit of love into a situation, a challenge, a problem, one can always find some different ways of approaching it.

Love is a verb…it’s something we do…

Today of all days be loving first and foremost to yourself, then you are able to be loving towards other people. If you are finding it difficult to be loveing to others, start by being loving to yourself. One can only be loved if one loves oneself.

Start with your voice inside you, if it’s not being loving change it to talk loving to yourself and focus on that🥰

Notice what happens…and I’d love to hear any stories of how being loving to yourself has changed a situation, a time, a thought, a persons response, whatever…

Much love from me on this Loving Day 💚

Photograph credit for Love is the Answer
@Anna Watson Photography
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